Recreating The Wheel

What’s all the fuss? All this hub-bub over electric cars, and they have been around since the Nineteenth Century. Granted, we got rid of them in one foul swoop of collaborative muscle, but electric street cars were saving people money and getting them around town long before the personal automobile.

StreetCarThis image from the CARLI Digital Collection shows how our ancestors of Peoria’s past got around the East Bluff. The description of the picture states:

“1st Electric Cars 1888.” The signs on the car read:”East Bluff and Hurlburt St, ; Central RY Co.”Two men are standing in front of the car. They appear to be employees

Might be a concept to revisit so we don’t try and recreate the wheel when it comes to getting around town. Click here to view the full image information. While you’re at it, Like the Peoria Historical Society Facebook page, they are always posting great pieces of the past.


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