WOW, That’s Not Good

As part of some research for Bike Peoria, I got sidetracked with the walkability of Peoria. Well, I actually kind of know how walkable Peoria is already. I did a feature called Walk On Wednesday, where I’d walk around downtown and nearby areas on my lunch break. Turns out, it’s not so good. For those familiar with the website, a 37 is damn near the bottom of the barrel. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s damn near bottom of the barrel.

Walking to your basic needs is an essential way of life that has altogether been removed from our day-to-day lives here in many American cities. Peoria is no exception when it comes to that. Based off of the metrics that Walk Score uses, Peoria scores a 37 out of 100 on walkability – the ability to walk to basic, fundamental needs. So yeah, we probably need to get on that here pretty soon.

Peoria Walk Score


7 thoughts on “WOW, That’s Not Good

  1. That’s no surprise, but walkability doesn’t necessarily translate to economic growth. The Houston suburbs are some of the fastest growing areas of the country but aren’t remotely walkable.

    1. Thanks for reading! If growth was the primary concern, then like Houston, we should do away with any zoning requirements. We don’t have the industry of a Houston which has the benefit of… oil, which most other cities are designed primarily to run on – so they are reaping the benefits right now and have grown like gangbusters.

      Heck, even The Woodlands, where my folks live is a planned community to be more walkable, bikeable and family friendly but is ungodly auto-centric.

  2. Makes sense that Houston would be very comfortable extending oil-based transportation to new areas. Peoria is, too. The difference is Peoria confuses growth cells with growth, when all it’s really accomplishing is increasing infrastructure costs over the same base of population. It’s a sustainable strategy until the money runs out. And then, it’s going to be a really long walk home.

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