Lost In The Crowd

This Reader has decided to take his writing elsewhere. As I mentioned earlier this week, a project that I have been involved with is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign. This is something that I have spent a great deal of time planning and helping prepare, so I want to give it all I’ve got in the next few weeks that we have to raise money.

So without further adieu, I’ll still be blogging, but over on the IMPACT HUB PEORIA website at www.peoria.impacthub.net. Never one to shy away from putting more on my plate, I volunteered my expertise (or whatever you call this that I’ve been doing) to help over the upcoming weeks by getting the word out.

Don’t you worry though, to keep up appearances, I’ll be re-posting over here as well. It’ll be a nice change of pace, and a departure from my usual content, but at this point, I’m one more building getting torn down around town away from flipping my lid.

Blaine Sumner

Contribute to the HUB’s Indiegogo campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-your-city


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