Bank Robbery

Now you see the architectural details…Herget Bank

and now you don’t…

Yesterday's PekinI don’t know who stole them, but please return them. The building looks pitiful without the details that made it whole, years ago. The description of the image states:

Herget National Bank located on a street corner in Pekin, Illinois. The building is brick with arches that go around the top of the facade under the eaves. A shop with hats in the window is next door to the bank in the same building, with a large awning hanging over the sidewalk. The bank has a triangular pediment held up by four Ionic columns. It is a one story stone facade on a brick building. “Herget National Bank” is on a sign suspended from the corner of the building, on a wall plaque, and painted on the front window. A window over the bank has “H.C. Frings Attorney” painted on it. The windows over the shop have collapsed awnings with signs for law offices painted on them. “E.A. Harnish Grocer” is painted on the wall of a building on the left side of the image.

It’s a crime that should be punishable in a court of law that’s for sure. For more architectural digs, visit the CARLI Digital Collection.

Click here to view the full image information. While you’re at it, Like the Peoria Historical Society Facebook page, they are always posting great pieces of the past.


3 thoughts on “Bank Robbery

  1. Easy to screw up the past, that’s for sure. Makes me think an interesting exercise would be to reimagine some of our newer, more ephemeral buildings with classic facades. Could anything, for instance, make a Wal-Mart look like a tribute to substantive commerce? I mean, at least while you’re standing outside?

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