Neighborhood Ties

Who said the neighborhood market is dead? Saturday’s Market on Moss proved that people will come from near or far to experience something that has long been lost in the Peoria area. In its second installment of the year, the Market on Moss seeks to tie together an open-air market in with a cozy neighborhood environment – and they succeeded.

Inspired by romantic French markets, it takes the neighborhood garage sale and dials it up a few notches. From live music, arts, crafts, vintage antiques, flowers, pumpkins, produce, to a pop-up cafe, this isn’t your average block sale.


It truly is a unique experience that strip malls, big-box stores and shopping plazas can’t offer. You see people of all ages comfortably mingling and enjoying their neighbors company. This, unlike the usually monotony of getting in your car, stalking the best parking space, and rushing around aisles of merchandise is a refreshing reprieve.

I stopped by to see the gang over at Class Without Cash who were posted up selling some classy ties. As it turns out, they were positioned right in the heart of the real estate which allowed them to get some nice exposure. For small business owners just starting or entrepreneurs who don’t need a full-time bricks and mortar location, this is a great opportunity to get your product in front of the public.


Although my journey from Pekin to West Peoria still required a car, it was accepted that I wouldn’t be able to park on top of the market. Since I had my trusty sidekick, and sidewalk consultant Rudy with me, it was nice to walk around a beautiful neighborhood I don’t normally stop and enjoy.


…and yes, I like to consider bringing 115 pounds of fur with me part of the social experiment.

Here are some scenes from our pop by the pop-up:

Make sure to “Like” the Market on Moss on Facebook so you can see all the updates of their upcoming dates.


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