Income Distribution & You

The monumental shift in income, population, and home values in Peoria. What was once a “vibrant” and thriving central core of the city is anything but that in 2013. Below is how these things have been geographically distributed within city lines.

Income Distribution
Median Income

…but really, what about how many households are in those tracts?

Total Households

More people elsewhere means money and jobs trickle out of the centralized core.

Poverty Rate

…the goin’ gets rough, and for those of you wondering where those people get goin’?

Change in Population
Change in Population

Which results in less home-ownership…

Owner Occupied
% of Owner-Occupied Housing

Due to newer homes being built, continuation of sprawling developments, and migration of money and people, home values sink.

Median Home Value
Median Home Values

The result, a lot of people are left behind both economically and opportunity wise.

Low Income
% of Low To Moderate Income

It’s no wonder why it’s difficult to reach a consensus. No wonder why we have become divided, why things seem less equitable for the less fortunate, and why the money spent on past revitalization efforts undoubtedly gets wasted.

Judging by simple breakdowns using HUD census tracts, it’s easy to understand why historic preservation attempts will fail, why downtown revitalization attempts will stall, why sustainability is wishful thinking, why alternate forms of transportation have to be largely subsidized, why poverty creeps outwards and why income and home values languish.

Sprawl. The Death and Life of American Cities.



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