Complete Streets Peoria

I haven’t had a Walk On Wednesday segment in a while, but last night, Complete Streets made their way into Peoria City Hall. Last week, I received notification that Ian Lockwood was going to be presenting before the City Council.

Complete Streets 1

Mr. Lockwood has some truly impressive credentials.
A Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Carleton University.  Ian is a Livable Transportation Engineer with AECOM, a Harvard University Loeb Fellow, and the former City Transportation Planner for the City of West Palm Beach.
For over 25 years, Ian has worked at the intersection of community design and social and economic health, doing traffic calming, road diets, context-sensitive solutions, network planning, and highway removals.  In 1995, he chaired the ITE subcommittee to officially define “traffic calming.”  In 2005, Ian helped the Complete Street Coalition define “complete streets.” He has also written reform-oriented policy regarding biased transportation language.  Ian has guest lectured at several universities and is occasionally interviewed on NPR about transportation issues.  Ian is currently working on walkability projects, restoring one-way streets to two-way operations, shared spaces, and campus design.
Most important, he’s had tangible and measurable success where he’s been. And that means a lot these days when we are trying to change a culture that is so deeply stuck in the auto-rut. Sprawl, single-use, and one-dimensional ways of development have led us down a path that didn’t seem so destructive when we first started, but 50 years later, we’re really starting to see the consequences of our actions.
Cars, cars, cars
Other places that have chosen to do things differently, have seen it benefit their communities drastically. This was the basis of Mr. Lockwood’s presentation to the Council, and since I was there, I decided to “Live Tweet” it. He had some great thoughts, so I wanted to share them for those who were unable to attend.
Complete Streets 3
The younger crowd appreciates better street design!

Couldn’t agree more. I know some eyes were rolling in the back of heads, and yawns were circling the room, but honestly, it’s such a simple concept that we haven’t been practicing for so many years, and it’s the thing we haven’t made any progress on. Hopefully, this will continue the conversation and maybe we will start seeing a more equitable and complete Peoria.


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