Can I Have A Taste?

As a man about town, I took some time Friday night to really dig in and do some community service. I took on the tough task of judging the inaugural Taste of Tazewell, a new endeavor put on by Pekin Main Street during the annual Friday Night Family Fest.

These kids were playing The Hives. They got my vote.
These kids were playing The Hives. They got my vote.

Friday Night Family Fest is just that, a time for the fam to come enjoy downtown Pekin in a safe and comfortable environment. As part of the larger Marigold Festival held in town, this has become the premier event to showcase the downtown.

Everyone enjoys street food vendors, food carts, and the occasional diet buster, and what better way to indulge your taste buds then by having a good healthy competition?… Of course I threw my hat in the ring to be a judge, and of course I want to be one next year and the year after as the vendors become more diverse and the food becomes more unique. This is only a small bite of the evening, but it was a great night for some family fun.


Here is my plate by plate recap of the tastes:

Visit the Pekin Main Street Facebook page to see more of the event and make sure to like their page!


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