Your Thoughts Welcome


I am going to open up my little corner of the Internet to those who have always wanted to blog, write, or post creative ramblings without the hassle of running their own 24/7-365 blog.

I’ve had several people approach me with their thoughts and ideas for the Peoria-area when it comes to buildings, places and spaces, so I’d love to have more creative fire power and let the masses contribute. I know, I’m so interesting, but really… This thing can only be as good as the movement that it starts, not just one guy at a keyboard.

So hit me with your best shot. Do you have pictures of old houses, rundown buildings, majestic architecture, beautiful parks, hidden treasures or just some hot opinions of what you’d like to see take shape in Peoria?

Here is my criteria for selection: Must be local

Here is my criteria for content: No politics, no religion

Here is my pay scale: You get what I make, nil.

Now that we’re clear, bring me your best. You can tweet me @RADincorporated, post on Facebook at ReaderAreaDevelopment or send me a good old fashion email @ readerareadevelopment[at]


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