Faded Glory

I am constantly wandering around the older parts of Peoria and I notice a lot of history that is slowly fading one day at a time.

Ghost signs have become a little bit of a thing with me. Ghost signs are those old advertisements or company signs that were painted onto brick buildings many years ago. Because times, they have been a changin’, these remnants of the past haven’t been refreshed with a new coat of paint in decades.

There is a cult following of preservationists, mural lovers, and photographers out there. To be honest, I hadn’t really appreciated these until moving back to Illinois. Living in Dallas, there really aren’t a lot of these in the recently built, sprawling Metroplex to enjoy.

In this day and age of digital billboards, ad-wrapped cars, and plastic, cartoony signs standing 50 feet in the air, you often don’t notice ghost signs unless you know what they are.

Here is a brief definition on Wikipedia: Ghost Signs

A really cool Flickr group with 22,916 pictures: Flickr

This very awesome project out of Philadelphia: Ghost Sign Project

With Peoria’s burgeoning art scene, I definitely see some possibilities of bringing some of the past into the present. Not just in repainting the old, but creating new. Mixing murals with building beautification.

Here is just a taste of what’s hidden around town. Figure out if you know where these are at. Do you have a favorite? Is there a business or a building that you think could be brought to life with a little paint?

Peoria Auto Shop International Harvester Julian KJobst

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4 thoughts on “Faded Glory

  1. A number of businesses in Seattle use the ghost names as the start for their business identity, like Machine House ale in Georgetown and the OK Hotel bar in Pioneer Square. Outside of a trademarked name with still current standing, I rather like that approach.

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