A Touch Of Glass

I found myself in the usual yearly predicament any married male finds himself in when ones wedding anniversary comes around… what am I going to get her this year?

As is our style, we play by the traditional anniversary gift giving rules (who made them I have no idea). That means she knows what this year symbolizes and I Google, “3rd anniversary gifts” to find out what direction I’m going. To this style’s credit, at least I have something to go from.

My search came up with these materials to base my decision off of:

3rd Anniversary Symbols

Traditional: Leather
Modern: Crystal/Glass
Flower: Fuchsia
Gemstone: Pearls/Jade

So where do I begin? Yeah, there’s a ton of creative stuff on Etsy to peruse through. Yeah, I suppose I could meander through Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, or some other unoriginal nonsense to find something to buy and call it a day. But nah, there’s gotta be something else.

I’ve passed by Toraason Glass, a glass making studio here in Peoria for the past two years. It just so happens it’s two streets away from the GO URBAN house. Not being a glass connoisseur, I mustered up the courage to go in one day at lunch to find out what really happens in this place, and if see they could help me with my gift giving conundrum.


As it turns out, this would be the perfect fit.

I booked a time where my wife and I could come in and learn the ropes of glass making and maybe make a funky trinket that we could put on the shelf to look at. When our actually anniversary came around all I had was a card and a promise we were going to do something fun and memorable – she gave me that look. Guys, you know the look, and generally I try to avoid receiving it. So I had to deliver.

So this past Saturday we had our date at Toraason’s and luckily Hiram, the owner, knew my predicament. You want to do something unique, outside the box, but you need a pro to walk you through it.

He was nothing short of awesome when it came to walking us through the process, teaching us a thing or two, made sure we didn’t scorch ourselves, and showed us a great time creating our own pieces. Here is some footage from our experience…

Toraason Glass might be unassuming from the outside, and unless you take a chance to look around and explore what’s on the inside you’re missing out. It’s great to have a local treasure like this buried in away in a regular old neighborhood. It’s yet another reason why I like the historic nooks and crannies around Peoria.

A big thanks to Hiram for showing us the ropes for a couple hours and giving my wife and I something to remember for years to come. Certainly, it was far more meaningful than buying a pre-made trinket from some chain store and hopefully the thought scored me some points.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our finished products!

You can check them out at:

Toraason Glass
506 Evans St.
Peoria, IL 61603

Find them on Facebook

Just watch out for this guy…

German Shepherd


3 thoughts on “A Touch Of Glass

  1. Here’s one of those businesses that I’ve visited before, been impressed by, and somehow, haven’t revisited in a long time. Thanks for the reminder. He does beautiful work right here in River City.

    1. Agreed! One thing I forgot to mention that I usually do on my blog is about how he has transformed the building. The space on the inside is very cool (despite the blazing inferno of the ovens).

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