File Under: Crap

I want to start a new category. One that may not be so positive – let’s call it “educational” and that highlights what we shouldn’t do to buildings, places, or spaces. The name is open for suggestions, but for now it will be known as File Under: Crap

My first submission is this sparkling example of what not to do to your historic building in the middle of downtown. Just an fyi… you can do better.

Window - Delavan

Like other advances in technology, heating and air conditioning has come a long way. How’s about we step our game just a tad?…


2 thoughts on “File Under: Crap

  1. I think on this one I have to respectfully disagree. It may not be true to the aesthetic of the building, but if it does the job and doesn’t mutilate the integrity of the building then go for it. It’s more “green” to continue to use appliances than it is to upgrade to simply get better “technology”. Obviously we can’t tell the STAR rating, but the problem I see here is the lack of a paint brush and a gallon of paint!

    1. My claim is merely it just looks like shit. If we are now bound to downtowns with window ac units hanging out now for the carbon footprint thing, well… that’s another post.

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