Where Texas History Lives

After visiting Granbury, Texas for the wedding of a good friend over the weekend, I continue to have a renewed appreciation for the small town that gets preservation right. Granbury is one such town. It embraces its historical roots to the fullest, and even though it is a town of only 7,978 people, it has so many cultural amenities that towns of that size and bigger lack.

Hood County CourthouseLocated southwest of Fort Worth, Granbury is the county seat of Hood County. Like so many county seats incorporated at the time, the courthouse sits in the middle of the downtown square, which is lined with shops, restaurants, churches, and many other attractions. The difference between this square, and many others is how well intact and seemingly modernly equipped it is.

The official slogan of the town is, “Where Texas History Lives.” It is not only fitting, but one of the best things to keep Granbury relevant in very tough times for the small town. Not only has it had to keep up with new developments, changing tastes, and emerging trends, this area also had to deal with a pretty difficult natural disaster last week. An F4 tornado tore through the town killing 6 and injuring 100 people [story].

Where Texas History Lives

But that is where it’s resiliency shines. A town that has been properly maintained and well-preserved over time endures the struggles that would otherwise cripple a town after such events. Fortunately for my friends, the wedding itself was a couple of days after the tornado, and where it struck was outside of the main part of town. Ironically, it is a twist of fate that it didn’t take its greatest asset away.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still new developments, strip malls and such. However, much of the newer developments and accommodations have been built to take advantage of proximity to the downtown and also the lake that flows through the town. Lake Granbury is a beautiful natural asset that is utilized to the fullest and helps the built environment shine.

Yes, there are many chains, fast-food joints, and the like that is scattered along U.S. Route 377. It does take away from the charm and uniqueness of the small town a little bit, however, there are still many authentic, small businesses here and there intermixed all while making you feel you’re not missing out on the new stores.


Granbury was a great place to spend a weekend and I’d definitely go back. It’s amazing how living only an hour and a half away for 5 years I didn’t even know what I was missing. While it’s great to spend time in a town for a memorable event, it’s even better when the town has something memorable about it.

When you go, here are 25 Things To Do courtesy of TripAdvisor.


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