It’s A RAD, RAD, RAD, RAD World

It’s been a wild and hectic two weeks. I came back from a trip in Chicago to find my house was broken into and had pipe, wire, and tools stolen, I concluded my fundraising project GO URBAN on Wednesday of last week, had a fundraising event to help the neighborhood on Friday, participated in the Great American Clean Up on Saturday, did some price comparison shopping all around town on Sunday, and have spent the past 3 day creating a list of contractors to call and get estimates from on all issues that face the house on Voris.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to spit out a witty or deep thought blog post. I wanted to say Thank You! for everyone that has contributed to my project in one way shape or form. In total, it raised $2,500. Not bad for my first go-round. I’ll have more thoughts on it next week. For those who picked a perk, those will be on their way soon.

Finding businesses to do work in all realms of home improvement has been a challenge. Not gonna lie, most of them want to take the cheap (but actually expensive cost wise) and easy way out. They see the house I am working as a piece of shit in a terrible neighborhood. So finding a team of people who “get it” is going to be rather tough. I’d just as well not give me money over to a company(s) who will only perpetuate the cycle of negativity throughout Peoria. I’ll have more on that later.

Lastly, I’m heading to Miami this morning for a final send-off of sorts for my buddy from Dallas who is getting married in May. I definitely need to get away and clear my head so I can get a new perspective on what needs to be done at the house and how/if I can expand this company of mine into something more. With that, I’m off…

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