Break-in(g) News

An unfortunate event took place at the GO URBAN house. At some point in the late hours on Sunday night, someone broke into the back door of the house and removed copper pipe, electrical wiring in the basement as well as stealing a couple boxes of my tools.

I stopped by the house on my lunch break yesterday to discover what had happened. Certainly, this is not the update I wish to be giving with less than 48 hours left to go in my crowdfunding attempt on Indiegogo. I wish it was that I had eclipsed my $5,000 goal and would be well on the way to putting the pieces back together.

DoorI was wrestling with whether or not I wanted to post this disappointing turn of events. On one hand, I could say nothing, turn a blind eye, and hope someone doesn’t find out.

But part of this project is to raise the awareness and consciousness of residents here that this isn’t an isolated incident. These are the types of things that happen day-in-day-out here in Peoria.


When filing the police report it was just another day for the officer. Nothing against him at all, but you can tell this wasn’t the first nor the last time he had seen something like this. There weren’t any pictures taken, no fingerprinting of the crime scene, nor any evidence taken back for examination. Chances are, nothing is going to be returned, the person responsible not found, and things go on as per usual.




And at that point, I realized that this entire project is based off the everyday things happening like this in and around Peoria that damage neighborhoods and needs to be addressed.

I’m sure no one would blame me for doing what I need to do and be done with it. I suppose I could tuck my tail and run. The common concerns when buying a house in a blighted, rundown area are that it isn’t safe, you shouldn’t put money into it, nobody cares about this place, and that it won’t change a thing.

The problems that face Peoria are many. They are the same as in bigger cities around the country and other older cities around Illinois, like Springfield, Decatur, Bloomington, Elgin, Aurora, and Joliet. It shouldn’t come as a surprise why no one would want to move into these areas or to those cities themselves.

If it’s ok to let it something like this slide for one day, then it’s ok for the next, the day after that, and so on… That leads into other negative things and a snowball effect takes place where all the sudden you have a lot larger problem on your hands than home values going down and businesses closing.

I mentioned my disappointment. There’s a wide range of emotions and expletives that I can think of. It’s a shame that it has come to a point in time where individuals are willing to risk so much for so little.

The things taken from the house will net pennies on the dollar and probably no more than $100. Sadly for me, it will take a lot more than that to replace the things that otherwise didn’t need repairing and tools that were very useful.

All that boils down to less money being able to be reinvested into the house and less money to be carried over into future projects.

Will this jeopardize the project? It definitely throws a kink into the mix. It is; however, a creative and crowd driven project. My original intentions were to replace things in need of repair using local stores, local workers, and to highlight the good, bad, and ugly of one of Peoria’s oldest neighborhoods that is in serious need of a new vision.

I believe this can still be done. In the project video I asked for numerous people of different backgrounds and interests to rally behind an idea. I have had great feedback, and many positive people looking to make a difference.

While there may only be two days left on my Go Urban, Young Man project, you can still help make a big impact, probably more so now than ever.

Things that are immediately on the list and in need of sponsoring are:

  • Plumbing/HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Doors & Windows
  • Security system
  • Drywall/Painting
  • Flooring

If you can make a contribution or would be willing to help out it would be much appreciated and I would be very grateful. If you, or a company you work for or know would like to sponsor a particular part of the house that would be awesome. Please share this post, my project link, Like the GO URBAN Facebook page, and more importantly – let’s try and change the path we’re on.


5 thoughts on “Break-in(g) News

  1. I’m sorry to hear this, Erik. Actions like these infuriate me so much, here more than anywhere else. So often, just a few streets over, I realize that many times the perpetrators are not necessarily people from the neighborhood, but those who pass through and take advantage of a challenged situation and assume that no one cares enough to be watching. Four years ago, I went inside for just a couple of minutes and when I came out, my lawnmower had either been stolen or had evaporated. Fortunately, that is the worst I have ever had happen. I always leave a light on somewhere in my house on the first floor and in the basement. Actions like this upset me because it reinforces the public notion that this neighborhood is a bad place. It upsets me because it reinforces the notion to scumbags that this is the place to come and do nefarious business and it also ticks me off because you have taken the time to do something positive here and…..well……the Southern boy in me just wants to go smack somebody around…..

    1. Thanks Marvin. Although spontaneous combustion is an issue, I’ve never heard of it taking a lawnmower. In which case, I totally agree. It’s little acts here and there that affect things on a much bigger scale.

      To be honest, everyone in the neighborhood has been very friendly. Heck, the new neighbors beside me actually reported this to the police which I was very thankful for.

      It’s a drag when you intend on doing something for the betterment of an area only to get negative reinforcement. However, it’s not that this wasn’t expected but something I wish could have avoided. It probably won’t be the last time something like this happens and I realize it comes with the territory.

      The foundation of my project is intended to bring good people back and enliven the area with commerce so that petty things like this fade away. – I would rather pay them $100 to paint!

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