Wherestherack.org marks the spot of Peoria’s bicycle racks

As I am getting ready to send an email over to Peoria City Hall in order to declare June 25th, 2013 “Bike To City Hall Day,” I thought it would only be fitting to reblog a recent post from Sam Joslin on his site 16incheswestofpeoria. Recently, Sam interviewed Mike Honnold, a local bicycling advocate here in Peoria, and his work on detailing the importance of bike racks around the city.

The ironic thing about having a proclamation of “Bike To City Hall Day” read at City Hall is that there isn’t a bike rack there. I digress… Please read and share!



Mike Honnold could have been the seventh generation of his family to pursue farming, but the Kansas, Illinois, native decided to study industrial technology instead. Today he works as an engineer for Caterpillar in Peoria. A former president of the Illinois Valley Wheelm’n (the “e” is non-existent), he rides thousands of miles each year. Before taking on the presidency, Honnold helped produce the club’s Routes & Recipes book, which was distributed at area bicycle shops. (You’ll find six of the book’s central Illinois maps here.) One of his newest pursuits is Where’s the Rack, Peoria? an Internet-based map of Peoria-area bike racks. I emailed Mike for a little background on the map and its genesis.

Where did you get the idea for Where’s the Rack, Peoria?

I was discussing the idea one day with Tim Beeney (previous owner of Bicycle Bus on Main Street in Peoria), because he’d seen news…

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4 thoughts on “Wherestherack.org marks the spot of Peoria’s bicycle racks

  1. Thanks for the link, Erik. Without the internet, we wouldn’t have this increasingly comprehensive reference of parking facilities. Let’s hope others follow Mike’s lead and use social media and mapping to explore additional aspects of bicycle-related infrastructure. And that local governments see those sites as valuable planning tools.

    1. Agreed. Great work featuring someone who is doing some thankless work to make Peoria more accessible for others who want an alternative to driving!

  2. I would be happy to work with the city on a bike rack “standard” to make it easier for businesses to add one on their property. I recently talked with owners of Thirty-Thirty Coffee downtown, and it took them 9 months of work thru their city councilman to get permission for a rack on their property – and it’s not even installed on the sidewalk!

    1. I hear ya! Thanks for dropping by Mike. This is just my take, and I know Sam, probably yourself, and a whole slew of others think that there needs to be someone working within the City itself to advocate, plan, promote, and design better/safer cycling around Peoria.

      La Crosse, WI is a smaller city that proves it can be done.

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