Same Place Difference Face

This is the last installment of my home renovation in Dallas which I completed back in the summer of 2010. I mentioned the trepidation I felt in My First Rodeo and my therapeutic sessions in Sledgehammer Therapy.

As with any great makeover, you need a big reveal. Without further adieu, here is the cumulation of a lot of measuring twice and cutting thrice, ounces of sweat and blood loss, many boxes of band-aids, bar after bar of soap, and hours upon hours of planning.


   18903 18903 Before

 18903 Before 18903 Before

Demo Exterior Landscaping

18903 Exterior After

18903 Side Yard After

18903 Back After


18903 Kitchen Demo Kitchen

18903 Demo Kitchen Wall

18903 Kitchen After

18903 Dining After


18903 Before Living Room

18903 Before Wall Demo 2

18903 Living Room After

18903 Living Room 2 After


Demo Bedroom 18903 Bed

18903 Bath 18903 Bath

18903 Bedroom 1 After18903 Bath 1 After

 18903 Bath 1.2 After 18903 Bath 1.3 After


18903 Bed Ceiling Ceiling Bedroom 2

18903 Bedroom 2 After 18903 Bedroom 3 After


18903 Bath 18903 Bath Demo Bath

18903 Bath 2 After 18903 Bath 2.2 After

My hope is that you now might be able to see what I have been able to see. There are many times you will doubt yourself and no doubt many people will question your ideas. As long as you don’t lose sight of your vision and you have the determination and willingness to grit it out, home renovation can be very rewarding.

This house wasn’t lived in for 8 months before I had purchased it. It sat in a sad state, but I could see around the flaws that existed at the time. After I had toiled away for months I listed it for sale, and in a little over 90 days a newlywed couple purchased it and has called it home ever since.

I am trying to change the face of a downtrodden neighborhood in Peoria’s urban core. Renovation of a house I purchased is one facet of the project.

*Please visit my project: GO URBAN, YOUNG MAN. Your contribution will go a long way in helping create something special on an even bigger scale.


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