Sledgehammer Therapy

Looking for a therapeutic experience? Pick up a sledgehammer and tear down walls, metaphorically and literally speaking. Yesterday I mentioned I wasn’t sure what I wasn’t getting myself into in My First Rodeo. I’m sure it is a perfectly normal feeling to have doubts in yourself, and whether or not your capable of what your mind told you it could do.

Once you put on your work gloves, safety glasses and take your first swing you all of a sudden have this OH SHIT! moment. Oh shit, you realize, I can’t look back now… By putting yourself in a self-induced pressure cooker, you force yourself to succeed. Also, knowing that I was renovating our house that we were going to eventually be living in to sell shortly afterwards made me take what I was doing more seriously.

Without having a set date of sale in mind, or any real plans of what to do afterwards raised a bunch of other questions, but I unknowingly put myself on a running clock. Did it take longer than I would have liked, maybe, but in that time span it included chasing a puppy around, having shoulder surgery, and getting married all while figuring things out on the fly. So the year and a half it took seemed long to me, but in all actuality was just right.

Forward progress is often tough to see, but when you remove just about everything negative in front of you, it allows for the path to be much clearer.

Demo Kitchen

Popcorn anyone?

Ceiling Ceiling Bedroom 2


Wall Demo
Here today…18903


Wall Demo 2
Gone tomorrow.

Demo Kitchen Wall


Living Room

Demo Bath


Trash 1

Trash 2

Trash 3

…And that is when I it clicked for me that this might just be something I could use more of. The big reveal is coming tomorrow. Make sure to head over to the GO URBAN Facebook page in the meantime and see what progress is about to made there.


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