My First Rodeo


Overgrown landscaping, signs in the window stating the home has been winterized, falling down or missing fencing, and an inside with outdated everything and no appliances is sure to turn most home-buyers away. Not having a whole lot of money, but having the vision and willingness to take the worst house on the block and make it shine again is why this home-buyer is wired a little differently.

There is something oddly satisfying about putting yourself through the headache and sometimes heartache of renovating a house. I wasn’t sure if I knew what I was doing, but I methodically planned my attack for 3 years before buying my first home. With no previous background in construction or any previous experience renovating a house, I certainly had my work cut out for me when I decided to jump head first into this project in Dallas.

18903 Before

 18903 Before

18903 Porch
A rotted deck
18903 Before
A cactus by your basketball hoop is never a good idea

18903 Before
Jazzercise studio?
18903 Before
Walls cracking from the foundation settling
18903 Kitchen
Faux wood laminate was never in style


18903 Bed
Missing closet doors

18903 Bath

18903 Bath
Mold in every grout line and humidity from trapped moisture
18903 Bed
Baby blue and purple painted popcorn ceilings didn’t add value
18903 Bath
Tiles barely clinging to the walls with termite damage behind them
18903 Bath
Yet another seashell sink

Initially, you get overwhelmed by how much really needs to get done. The hardest part is often getting started. Check back tomorrow to see the where the fun begins.

Until then, please head over to my latest project and find out how you can contribute to make a difference in Peoria:



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