The Good Interior Friday

Sweet dreams are made of this. Good interior bedrooms that aim to please. Who wouldn’t want the room they spend the most time in during their lifetime to be comfortable, functional, and well-designed?

If you’re not getting a good nights sleep, it may be because the bedroom you’re trying to rest in is chaotic and dysfunctional. Is your mattress crooked on the floor like a crack den? Did you go wild with a paint color you shouldn’t have? Clutter on every surface? What’s under foot as you stumble to the bathroom – toys, shoes, or some unknown?

Here are some bedrooms that offer a little style, a little utility, and a little peace so you can get some quality shut-eye.

From funky and eclectic to traditional or contemporary, just remember that this is your personal domain and it needs to be a place of just as much inspiration as the rest of your house.

It’s tough to find what you like, so I’ve sorted through the rest and found the best. Check out my ideabook over at


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