13 Links To Bookmark In ’13

I have compiled my Top 13 links that need to be Bookmarked on your browser for the next year to come. Or if you are smart, you can just save my website to your favorites, scroll over to the side, and come back often.


  1. The Atlantic Cities: Interesting and informative, everything cities.
  2. Sustainable Cities Collective: A collection of great thoughts.
  3. Strong Towns: A new answer to an old problem.
  4. Project For Public Spaces: For places that matter.
  5. Smart Growth America: Making Neighborhoods Great Together.
  6. The Better Block: Making cities better, one block at a time.
  7. Planetizen: For those who plan, or are just curious.
  8. Better! Cities & Towns: Self-explanatory, but great explanations.
  9. National Trust For Historic Preservation: Preserving what matters.
  10. Fast Company: Moving faster than I can keep up with.
  11. This Old House: These guys know a thing or two.
  12. U.S. Census Bureau: Great data, ’nuff said.
  13. Your local community websites: Find out how to get involved – now!

Could there have been more than 13? Yes, but I hadn’t thought of a catchier title. My apologies to those I have left off.

Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to comment or email me: readerareadevelopment [at] gmail [dot] com


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