RAD Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Blogging via WordPress has been a pretty interesting experience. I started this ‘lil thang about a year ago to put thoughts to paper-ish. It has been sometimes rants and sometimes raves, but more or less just a way to see if people are observing and thinking the same things I am out there.

Here are my Top 5 Posts from 2012:

  1. The Eve Of Destruction
  2. A Different Brew
  3. The Rubber Band Theory
  4. From Shoes To Brews
  5. One Step At A Time

The analytics of how people get to this site intrigues me.

1,262 Search Engine terms are the main reason – some more random than others.

1,114 from Facebook – amusing since I don’t have a Facebook account. True story.

Since January when I started,  I have had 5,652. Not bad in my book since I didn’t know who would actually read this…

There have been visitors from 76 countries! No idea why people from India, the Philippines, Kenya, Iraq, or Hong Kong stopped by – but Thank You!

The funniest Google search that led someone here to me was: “i’m addicted to caffeine – true life” – We all have problems, and yes, I am…

Thank you for tuning in, “liking,” commenting, and letting me ramble on…



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