Diamonds In The Rough

There are buildings that we pass by and think nothing of them because of the rough condition they are in. There are some buildings that with a little polish could be a fully functional part of the neighborhood. In doing so, they become a better member of the community.

This building is on the corner of the block, and next to one of the few parks in the area. There are definitely many uses left in this building. Coffee shop, newstand, urban market, deli, bike store, Internet café, etc… I like it.

Corner Store





One thought on “Diamonds In The Rough

  1. I know this store well. It is attached to the house that sits next to it and I always think the same thing when I pass it on the way to and from my house. The key to this particular neighborhood is getting solid people who will not put up with hooliganism to move in and stay there. This is on the edge of Morton Park which was once a very beautiful park in Victorian days. Diagonally situated from this corner store is the Proctor house that was moved in the 1990s from its original location on Jefferson. The current owner has been working on it for 17 years. There are some wonderful heritage houses located in this area. Several are works in progress and others are just waiting. This part of Peoria was once beautiful and affluent and still has the potential to make a return. By repairing these weaker parts of the fabric, we become a stronger community.

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