Lucky #7

As many of you may know by now, I moved across the country for some piece of mind. It hasn’t really been an easy road, but no good stories start with “It was so easy…” Sure, I had things relatively planned out, hell I even had money in the bank at one point. I left a cozy job behind, a suburban metropolis that was thriving, and ventured into something where I didn’t have either at the other end.

no good stories start with “It was so easy…”

I’ve waited for signals from above but its been all dead air. I’ve been quietly, and methodically planning how to get this god forsaken company off the ground. Shut down by banks, and opportunities that never materialized – I’ve kept on. 100 posts and some odd 5,300 visits later, I’ve attracted a relatively good following here on this blog. I thank you all for indulging me but it hasn’t padded my pockets.

Today, after 2 anxious years, I finally got back in the game. I bought my first property here in Peoria. At auction. On a whim. As I mentioned, I’ve done my homework for the past 5 years on this area. Yes, that is 3 years before I moved here for those doing the math. It’s more of a calculated gamble.

Sometimes, for me at least, the stars never align just perfectly. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. I’ve done it before when others questioned it – and it worked. Banks still don’t really believe in “true neighborhood revitalization,” they’d just rather give money to long-winded bureaucratic projects or corporations that aren’t quite tangible or local for that matter. I’ve got an idea for a project that will hopefully ignite a movement here in this city. I’m not a victim, I’m not too cool for school, I’m relatively unknown, and I’m just going to try to make things better.

…and hopefully others jump onboard.

Peoria North Valley


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