The Old Neighborhood 14

One thing is for sure, The Old Neighborhood is certainly not cookie-cutter. You will find some of the most unique houses in the entire town there. Tucked into one of Lincoln’s old neighborhoods, was this old home. As you can see it wasn’t built in the split-level craze of the 1970’s or the garage front facing façade 2000’s. This might be one of my best finds yet.

To the neighbor in the Jaguar who stopped me as he was driving away and told me that there were other suspicious characters lurking around the neighborhood taking pictures of older homes – this one is dedicated to you.

With some of the most stunning architectural details, this home is a sensory overload. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves as you can see the detail along the roofline, the shingleling, the craftsmanship on the columns – all carried around the house.

Lincoln, Il

Tremont St.

Lincoln, Il

Lincoln, IL

Lincoln, IL

I couldn’t drum up any historical significance in my research of the property, but it has most definitely been apart of history in this neighborhood for a long time. In a town set among cornfields, this tree-lined, historic neighborhood has a very comfortable feel. The sidewalks are clean and safe for kids or for walking the dog. The streets don’t have cars rushing through them at high speeds.

This home is within a short walk of downtown and the train station to take you to Chicago or Springfield. Other homes on the street are listed for sale around $160,000. For a young couple, parents with children, or older adults, this is a very stable and ideal neighborhood to stay awhile.


6 thoughts on “The Old Neighborhood 14

    1. Thanks Kam! She’s a beauty & built to last. I wonder what we’ll think about the new & expensive homes we are building now in 100 years?…probably not much.

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