The Best Thing On The Internet

I had come across this project before in reading Local Dollars Local Sense, but it seems it has gained much more momentum and could be close to being a catalyst in changing the real estate development game.

Check out this article from the Atlantic Cities to see first, what is wrong with how we invest, and second, how to improve the system which is currently broke.


Think of it as Kickstarter for real estate if that makes it any easier to understand. Technology is changing the game of how people are connecting to the places right around them. There is a HUGE amount of potential with this idea and I believe it could be one that leads us out of the chain brain-drain we are currently stuck in.


4 thoughts on “The Best Thing On The Internet

  1. I hope this continues to grow and something is created along the lines of kickstarter but the investors are still able to receive returns. Only problem is that it probably wont take long for someone to do something crooked and scam a bunch of people unless there is a lot of oversight by a reputable company. I would definitly put money into a local business in this type of fashion.

    1. That’s what is holding things up right now. The incredible amount of money and paperwork that goes into the legal filings to even start something.

      I think that is ultimately what most are afraid of… but think of it this way: you invest in a 401k that could plummet the next year or you buy a home in a city that invests money for the sake of “economic development” which sucks your town dry of real tangible community investment.

      Even with kickstarter you are pouring money into someone else’s dream that in all legality they don’t have to even follow through with. You “sell” them a product of an email, postcard, tshirt, or trinket for over market value on the front end to avoid duping someone – since they are getting something in return.

      1. I bet this same kind of mentality could be used to invest in an old dilapidated historical house that people in the community would be willing to invest some money just so it wouldn’t be torn down. They wouldn’t even have to get any return other then being able to see the house restored instead of it turning into a parking lot or warehouse. As long as there is a contractor that would be able to invest some of their own money to return the house to it former glory and then put it up for sale.

      2. Exactly! It opens the door to a lot of different scenarios for preservation, rehabilitation and innovation. Not saying it is the magic bullet to fix all, but who knows the possibilities?…

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