The Old Neighborhood 13

By no means were there a shortage of older homes in older neighborhoods in the Galesburg edition of The Old Neighborhood, but I was short on time and didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. I still think we found a gem.

This home was a crowd pleaser, it caught both mine and my wife’s eyes as we went past. This brick-clad beauty has many pitches in the roofline to draw you in and around the house. As you can see, sometimes the color of the house doesn’t necessarily have to jump out at you. When other complimentary elements, such as the nature around the house, will add great color on a fall afternoon.

Out front there is a well-maintained brick paved street. This adds to the feel of the history of the home and the neighborhood. Other asphalt streets have buckled and crumbled over the years since this house has been around.

In a city where Walk Score is 49, this home is located at the center of the action. You could in theory not own a car at all. You are within walking distance of the downtown, many restaurants, a hospital, and even Knox College. These are the many advantages of living in an older home in an older neighborhood.


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