Staturday – Why I Should Move To Minnesota

Stat: An estimated 8,200 people ride their bike to work in Minneapolis [link]. That number dips a little come winter, but it still bucks the notion that people for whatever reason can’t get on a bike and ride in Northern states.

Minneapolis, and their friend’s in St. Paul, have been making impressive progress year in and year out to retain their rankings atop the most bike-friendly cities in America. In fact, they are ranked as the #1 Bike City in America. That’s not just for the amounts of butts on bikes, but for advocating healthier transportation alternatives, educational programs, and planning/implementation of bike infrastructure.

Check out this cool program –> Bike Walk Twin Cities

It’s clear to me that owning and operating an automobile hasn’t increased my wealth or improved my health. So a city, or in this case Twin Cities, that offers me alternatives and is planning for a brighter future is one on my list of places to consider moving to. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this pretty Infographic will…


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