Staturday – Benefits of Historic Presevation

There is some buzz floating around a historic property here in town, so I’d like to add on to that with a 4-for-1 Staturday about the economic benefits of historic preservation. Straight from the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation, the following statistics from recent studies are typical of the positive findings of preservation’s economic benefits:

    • Rehabilitation of historic properties in Georgia during a five-year period created 7,550 jobs and $201 million in earnings.
    • Historic preservation activities generate more than $1.4 billion of economic activity in Texas each year.
    • Each dollar of Maryland’s historic preservation tax credit leverages $6.70 of economic activity within that state.
    • In one year, direct and indirect expenditures by heritage tourists in Colorado reached $3.1 billion.
And below is a fun infographic from our friends over in Europe on how to incorporate this into future social development of our communities.

Heritage as Opportunity

Browse more data visualization.



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