The Good Interior Friday

You’ve heard it a million times, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing scarier to me than a horrifying bathroom. You would think that the place you spend the first part of your day should be somewhere that motivates and inspires you – all while leaving you cleaner than when you started.

Here are a few bathrooms that add some style to the places where we refresh. By now you have probably realized that my taste and style wavers more on the traditional sense. So if you like casual and classic these bathrooms are for you. Sorry Travertine, you didn’t get picked…

For other beautiful bathrooms and for more inspiration around the house, check out my ideabook on


2 thoughts on “The Good Interior Friday

    1. I agree! A pedestal sink and a medicine cabinet is all a man really needs. But in this day and age the lady that uses the same bathroom has more toiletries and accessories than an aisle in Target. So you see too many fat, squatty vanities taking up too much space.

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