The Good Interior Friday

No, this post isn’t some sort of an homage to R. Kelly’s 23 chapter symphony Trapped In The Closet, but it is a nod to well crafted and organized storage for clothing. For the average John and Jane Homeowner their closets tend to be an afterthought of a home-builder that “had” to put in a spot for clothes to hang. It usually has a door that opens to a coffin of clothing.

These spaces tend to be snug, cramped, or otherwise incapable of really adding value to your home. For those with a smaller closet that you can barely reach a foot into – you might be out of luck. The only thing I can recommend is a trip to Goodwill to purge your company sponsored Fun-Run shirts to make some more room. But for those who have a little room to actually see the shirt at the end of the rod, here are a few closets to make your clothes happy:

If you haven’t stopped by already, make sure to check out my ideabook on houzz for other great inspirations.

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