The Good Interior Friday

Let’s face it, we don’t pay much attention to the room in the house that contains all of our junk mail, old magazines that we can’t part with, and countless stacks of papers. Most of the time the walls are blank, there’s a couple of pictures in bad frames, and there might be an outdated chair in the room that is not suitable for anywhere else in the house.

It would be too predictable to feature a beautiful kitchen or great living room as part of The Good Interior Friday. I will work up to that in due time. In fact, I might get to those in a couple of weeks. Instead, this week I’m going for the less sexier, often mistreated -home office.

Take a look at a few inspiring home offices below. With these ideas, your home office will have a little more style and maybe a little less appearance that a hoarder lives there. My favorite might be the last, because nothing makes me want to go to sleep more than working in front of the computer.

For more ideas and Good Interiors, check out my ideabook on houzz.


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