The Old Neighborhood 12

The Old Neighborhood has quickly become one of my favorite segments here, not to pat myself on the back, but I really enjoy featuring homes that otherwise get looked over these days. The problem is I get lazy and don’t take as many pictures of as many homes and neighborhoods as I could.

In my never-ending quest to find old homes in old neighborhoods I have to thank one person – my wife. Recently, we were coming home from our favorite Sunday brunch stomping grounds and I get out of the car like a spaz and start taking pictures of random houses. It takes a lot to put up with such shenanigans, so for that, I am forever thankful.

Without a doubt, craftsman style homes always catch my eye and lure me in. Last Sunday was no different. There’s something about a gable roof, with its exposed roof rafters and architectural brackets in the eaves that gets me every time. It’s not a faux facade to make you think it’s an expensive house either (typical suburban home). As you can see on this home, the detail is carried around the entire house.

The brick work and attention to detail paid around the chimney add even more depth to what is usually a boring side of the house. Most homes built within the past few decades have been built from the inside-out. Naturally, what you get in return are homes that aren’t visually attractive from the street. Rather, they are more concerned about where to put your entertainment centers and cost saving measures to the builder. What I love about this house is the symmetry on the outside, and the little characteristics that add to the big picture.

The home itself is great, and when you take into account that it is located one block away from the main street of town and the center of the action – this home is propelled to the next level. The neighborhood must also factor into any home-buyers decision process. I guess the question becomes, why settle for anything less than a well-built home in a neighborhood that allows you to have access by foot to the most basic everyday amenities?


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