The Old Neighborhood 11

And now for something completely different…

While taking a lunch break in the North Valley of Peoria (because I truly feel this is the area that could be the catalyst to bringing Peoria back to where it needs to be) I found a subject I haven’t covered yet – a multiple-resident dwelling. Old homes in old neighborhoods come in all shapes and sizes, so why not highlight them all? From owner-occupied to rental, single-family to multi-unit they are all equally what makes up a great neighborhood.

I’ve noticed this property many times and have had to admire from afar. I feel like it doesn’t belong, but at the same time it is exactly what needs to be here. This tri-plex, multi-family unit, or other terms that don’t do it justice, is a shot in the arm to an area plagued with neglectful and absentee owners of rental properties.


This three unit property makes the best use of the space it is given. It keeps density within a proper square footage in order to make it worthy of being “urban.” It has also maintained its historical architecture and character which is a crucial component to preserving Peoria.

These older home(s) are not oblivious to the current local neighborhood conditions. Yes they are in an older part of town, yes they are in a part of town that has been privy to past crime, so the owner has taken this into consideration. As you can see in the picture below there are security cameras affixed, which may be one of the best investments/most necessary investments in order to remedy a past problem.

But instead of making this a fortress of urban security, there has been much detail paid to little details around the property. Chain-link fences, or cheaply thrown-up fences in urban environments are constructed in order “keep problems at bay.” But as you may notice, no expense was spared in putting up an aesthetically pleasing fence which doesn’t create such social and psychological barriers around the property.

As I usually end these posts, there is a lot to be proud of with older homes in older neighborhoods. Sometimes we forget that even in older “subdivisions” there is a lot of community and local pride. Here there are plantings along the streets and distinctive signs that separate this area from others. I feel it is worth repeating that we need to stress the importance of our older homes, in all their variety, that they need not be forgotten, but just given a little more care and attention than the recent built suburban oasis.



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