Staturday – Illinois Roadway Fatalities

As of August 25, 2012, there have been 623 roadway fatalities to date in the state of Illinois.

Per the Illinois Department of Transportation’s website [], safety is their number one priority and they stand committed to reducing the number of fatalities to zero on Illinois roadways.

Zero is a pretty unattainable goal just based on the sheer number of drivers and trips made per year. How bout we stop building new roads, repair existing infrastructure, and create a network of transportation that reduces the number of people driving?

  • Don’t want people driving while intoxicated? Build a community that allows them to drink responsibly and not have to get into their car and drive themselves back home.
  • Don’t want teenagers to be behind the wheel and texting or driving distracted? Create an environment where their first taste of freedom doesn’t have to be driving a car.
  • Don’t want the elderly to lose their self-worth and ability to complete day-to-day tasks by taking away their only form of transportation? Implement a Complete Street plan that caters not just to cars but people of all ages.

Zero may be unattainable, 623 deaths may not be a lot in the grand scheme of things to some, but add in the past few years and next couple of years and that is something of a serious matter. Getting rid of cars altogether is unrealistic, but reducing the odds of an unnecessary fatality by providing better alternatives isn’t. It’s going to take more than some creative PSA’s to force change.


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