Staturday – Top Ten Cities to Buy vs. Rent

Following the lead of a great blog over at MySchoolhouseRocks, I wanted to drop some well designed knowledge on you. Aside from the ideas running through my own wild mind, I like a good stat or two. If you aren’t aware of the site, they are radically changing the game on how we consume data. By bringing information, technology, and graphic design together, they are amping up what numbers and figures can look like.

This infographic sets out to solve Where to Buy vs. Where to Rent? Do you agree? Along the top and right side there are some more fun facts sprinkled in.

Personally, I can tell you that Dallas is both a good place to buy and to rent. An abundance of rental supply throughout the DFW metroplex sets costs at reasonable prices. Sprawling land-use patterns, which is what this area of the Sun Belt is notoriously known for keeps homeownership at reasonable levels as well. A constant increase in the supply of new houses with a demand that can’t keep up equals lower prices. So after economics is cut out of the equation it’s really a matter of personal preference.


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