The Old Neighborhood 10

Back from hiatus, this edition of The Old Neighborhood is looking to see who’s game for a gambrel? While pedaling around one of our scenic streets here in town I notice this home not because it has so many in-your-face details, but because of how subtle, clean, and crisp its details are.

First off, the gambrel roof isn’t something you see everyday. The second story windows add a nice symmetrical balance and I’m sure a nice light into the house. Tasteful, and what appears to be low-maintenance landscaping surrounds the home. A complimentary color scheme to its surroundings allows the home to blend peacefully into the neighborhood.

With an estimated value of around $123,000, this home may be on the higher end for a first-time homebuyers, but the bang for the buck factor is extremely high. Within walking distance to an elementary school, the downtown, and major park, it is very family friendly.

*Have you found any cool older homes in older neighborhoods? Send your pictures and stories to!


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