Adding grace to place

A great post by Rick Brown from Panethos. Hits the nail on the head with all of these points of great placemaking!


Below are listed sixteen sweet ideas for adding grace to a place. Some of these ideas may sound like simple steps, but I am always amazed how few American communities actually employ them on a regular basis as a way of gracing their community.

As will become evident from reading the list, art and landscaping ideas are prominently featured. The ideas are presented in no particular order of preference. Rather the presentation is in the order I thought of them. : )

  • Flower boxes – One of the first things I noticed when visiting the United Kingdom were the gorgeous flower boxes located under the windows of numerous homes, flats, and businesses. They are a simple, yet colorful way to brighten even the most drab building exterior, whether residential or commercial.  In addition, flower boxes provide an enhanced exterior view for those inside the structure. Here is a photo of the Exmouth Arms Pub in London, UK that…

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