The Old Neighborhood 9

To piggyback off of yesterday’s post, this week’s older home in an older neighborhood is from my trek to Pontiac, Illinois. As we were arriving into downtown Pontiac my wandering eyes got a glimpse of this home:

It may seem subtle at first, and riding in a car you don’t get enough time to fully look over all the finer details. Lucky for me we were taking a tour of the downtown, and this home happened to be just directly across the street from where we starting. So Curious George decided to wander over, take a look around, and snap a few pics for your viewing pleasure.


The things that strike me is obviously the color. You don’t see too many green homes, but it works very well in this setting. The color complements the thick white trim around the windows and doorway. Even the greenery works well with the green color of the home. The brick from the chimney stands out nicely and along with the limestone lining the drive adds a calming natural color. The backyard backs up to the Vermillion River which surely adds to a very peaceful setting in the early morning or at night.

The price ranges of homes that I am finding are around $133,800 to $164,200. This is a steal of a deal if that is the case. The abundance of beautiful design details, a location that is a stones throw from downtown, and a view of the river are the trifecta that certainly makes a great argument for older homes in older neighborhoods.

***If you have any older homes in older neighborhoods you would like to showcase please send them to me or let me know!***


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