The Old Neighborhood 5 Chapter 2

Back on April 26th, I posted about an older home in an older neighborhood from a side trip to Macomb, Illinois.

Typically, I do a drive, or pedal by photo-shooting of a home which I think fits the bill of this section. It’s a less violent and far more positive shooting than you normally hear about. Then, I go home, power up the computer, and start pecking away at the keyboard. I eagerly sit and watch the stats to see if anybody else has 1.) plenty of time to read 2.) a fondness for older homes and 3.) the willingness to “like” what I’ve blabbed about.

Well, on this particular instance I got caught red-handed!!! The owner had contacted me via email to let me know it was her home I wrote about. At first, I was a little worried that somebody might be concerned that their house is floating around on an un-solicited website, which is why I generally keep any specifics low-key. Somehow circled its way to the homeowner of this beautiful home! This is a first for me… I’m impressed that this little blog gets around to the people it does.

I thought I’d pass along a little email exchange I had with the homeowner – who I was very surprised to hear, was happy with her write-up (since I’m not really a writer).


Homeowner: Hello, I was just going to say that is my house you wrote about. I wish you would’ve stopped by  to visit. My husband and I bought the house in 1992 and as you can imagine, has been and continues to be a work in progress. While the old tin roof that looked like clay was nostalgic, it had leaks and had to be replaced. If you’re curious about the work we’ve done and/or anything else, feel free to ask anything. We love the house, but as you know has very little rooms and issues like no bathroom on the main floor. We did build the garage, driveway and a deck on the back of the house, along with a kitchen redo, etc.

Me: Wow! That’s funny, honestly I never imagined that one of the homes I would write about somebody would actually be reading. I love the house, and having an older house I too am aware of the odd layouts, smaller than average rooms, and quirks. I guess that’s part of the reason I like the older homes. Writing about it is a way for me to hopefully get others, mainly younger people like myself to appreciate these homes and neighborhoods instead of building something cheaply, and aimlessly further away from town.

Homeowner: My girlfriend  called me this morning and said she was searching for something today online with the Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Development and ran across it thinking “That house looks familiar”…. She then shared it with me on my Facebook account…

…and then she let me know this interesting tidbit 

Oh, and one kind of cool thing, is when we cleaned out the basement crawl space about 15 years ago, ran across an ancient chalk drawing of a little girl. One of my friends thinks it’s haunted but I still have it. No telling how old it is.

SAY WHAT??? I almost deleted the post due to a fear of internet haunting!

I’d like to thank Carrie, the owner of this gorgeous older home in Macomb, for letting me share a part of our conversation. It’s great to hear feedback from anyone that stumbles upon this site, but also really cool that she and her husband have a deep fondness for the house. Sometimes you need to hear first-hand how a home is appreciated. The character, charm, and uniqueness is only able to be put into words by the owners of an older home in an older neighborhood.


One thought on “The Old Neighborhood 5 Chapter 2

  1. How neat that she saw the post about her home—-Older homes are definitely a work in progress but well worth it—-And I find mean a lot more when a family member built it–thanks for your blog–we love it.

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