The Old Neighborhood 8

This week’s installment of an older home in an older neighborhood took some searching. Not in the traditional sense of, “Where do I find another?” Actually, this house is just a little hidden. It’s a shame that it isn’t more exposed. But nonetheless, it is exactly the type of house I look for – one that is bursting at the seams with interest.

The side profile reveals a lot more about his home. Passing by on a main thoroughfare into town you wouldn’t know how big this house is. You also wouldn’t be able to notice all of its intricate details.

Coming around to the backside of the house your eyes are drawn to many interesting things. An amazing tree in the backyard shades the back half of the property. Brick pillars and a red picket fence add a grand formal entrance to the property.

Some other things that jumped out at me were the copper downspouts and the wood detail above the front entrance.

I’m curious to know if there are any cool old homes in older neighborhoods near you? Is there one where you stopped and asked yourself, “I didn’t even know this was here?”


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