Reader’s Recommendations

This week’s recommendation comes from the wild world-wide web. Strong Towns, a Minnesota based not-for-profit organization, seeks to help American towns achieve a better financial existence and a higher quality of life. In doing so they explore how old methods of economic development and city planning have led us down a foolish path.

Led by a “strong” team of industry professionals, their site explores what was, what is, and what could be. They even let you know what a Strong Town is.

I don’t remember exactly how I came across this site, but that is what makes the Internet such a wonderful place. I’m sure I was nose deep in some Excel spreadsheet, and decided I’d rather be feeding my brain with something better.

So when you’re trolling the ‘net and done looking at Lolcats (don’t lie to me, we all look at them), check out They are also linked on the side of my page as their blog is worth a regular read.


*Don’t be shy, feel free to recommend some reading to me!*



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