The Old Neighborhood 7

What fascinates me most about travel is the unexpected. When you have the free time to take a detour and come across something that you wouldn’t have imagined to be there. That is the case in this week’s chapter of an older home in an older neighborhood.

On a recent field trip, I decided to stop through Bushnell, Illinois. It’s a small town of 3,117 people, and I have always considered it a pass-through town. Illinois Route 9 directs you around the “business district,” which is unfortunate, as I have literally driven around the town for the past 11 years. I think Bushnell’s fate is similar to many small towns that could have possible visitors if it wasn’t for roads guiding them away from their centers of commerce.

The older center of town has the typical Main Street you see in most small to modest sized communities. It could be more lively, but I’m guessing since most people passing through stop at the Subway, Dairy Queen, or gas stations along the road they traveled in on, don’t quite make it in.

There was an abundance of really beautiful older homes nearby. Almost more than I thought appropriate for such a small, sleepy town. There are many magnificent, stately homes surrounding parks and within walking distance of the downtown. That is where I found this nugget hiding off the beaten path.

It’s often hard to really appreciate a home when you are driving past. In this case I almost didn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t imagine that something like this would be here. Obviously, we all have our own preconceived judgements on things but need something to prove us wrong.

What strikes me about this house is, again, all the way around the house the attention to detail is superb. It’s not just the front that catches your eye, but the side, the yard, and the fact it overlooks a park is just icing on the cake.


I tried to follow my own rule of selecting something I would believe to fit in the price range of a first-time homebuyer. My results show values from what I think would be around $90,000 – $130,000. By no means overwhelming in price for something so rich in character. I’m glad I finally took time out of my busy schedule (sarcasm) to dig a little deeper into a great little town. If you’re ever near Bushnell, Illinois, stop by and check out some of the hidden treasures, as well as have some delicious href=””>Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips.

*If you have any older homes in older neighborhoods that you would like to get the credit they deserve please send them here!*


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