The Road To Nowhere

I was just enjoying my fourth cup of coffee (yes, I have a problem), watching the CBS Morning Show (like the 76-year-old I am), and a brilliant commercial came on. It’s not a new commercial, but I guess on that one thousand and one time I finally took notice.

The commercial was for the new Audi A6. Entitled “The Road,” the ad speaks to those who love German engineering. That I do, having previously owned Bavarian automobiles. But that is not what struck me. Watch the 1:01 minute clip… I know you’re not working, it’s Friday.

It starts off with an overview of a nightmare network of highways. Dallas High Five? Then the sophisticated female narrator chimes in with something we already know, “The road is not exactly a place of intelligence.” I’m glad somebody finally stood up and said it.

Then as we travel across the country we find out that the miles of highways and bridges are in disrepair. Not only that, there’s stuff to look at while driving, and gadgets to play with to distract us from our task at hand… driving our prized possession. But then she has the audacity to call my beloved family member “ill-equipped.”

We go further to see that there is crap strewn about these roads. “Hey, I’m busy driving lady, I can’t pick up this stuff!” Keep on trucking down the road and we see another fellow motorist that might be 1 of 38 million that couldn’t pass a driver’s exam today. To get where we are going, we look for a directional sign to help us get to that oasis off the highway that fulfills our every need, but those have become too hard to understand.

But wait for the payoff… Audi has engineered a car that will take care of all of our problems! I’m thinking, why hasn’t somebody already come up with this brilliant motor vehicle invention yet???

I have dry humor, very dry, and I find things like this ironic. I like Audi, their commercials, and wouldn’t mind an A6 if they gave it to me. But in all seriousness, I find it funny that a car manufacturer has identified all of the problems of driving, and the havoc it wreaks on society within one minute.

A new car won’t solve the real problems we are facing as a nation. Cars are the toys of yesterday. Investing in new roads, and everything that follows is an outdated solution that has left us with more issues than what it was originally intending to do. New roads equals same old problem. We’re trying to cure the symptoms but refusing to treat the cause.

Audi, Ich danke Ihnen (I thank you) for putting together an expensive commercial for me to highlight what I believe to be the biggest problem facing our country, our states, and our local communities, “The Road.”


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