The Old Neighborhood 6

Since this was supposed to be a weekly Wednesday thing, I’m trying to get the ship back on course. For this week’s installment of an older home in an older neighborhood I didn’t have to hop in my car, rather, just pedal the Schwinn into a neighboring hood.

I’ll admit, I often rag on my town for its shortcomings, but I also like to point out that there are these diamonds in the rough that go simply unnoticed or underappreciated. Now I won’t lie and say this home is perfect, it definitely needs some TLC, but I think this home has most of the things on a homebuyers’ checklist.

You always envision big front porches, swings where you can sit, drink some lemonade and watch the world go by when you think about homes in the South. Well, after living there, I never saw it. It’s so hot, or hot and humid that you sit inside your air-conditioned, beige, brick claded incubator of a house. Aside from the three months that we hibernate here in the North, this porch swing offers a much more realistic Southern dream. I also dig the green painted porch ceilings.

There are many details on the exterior of the home it is almost impossible to list them all. The other most eye-catching detail that would be very difficult to replicate these days are the brick pillars with stone globes on them. I’m not sure if they once had a fence in-between them, but nonetheless still look cool these days.


It’s hard not to be impressed with the intricate details, and the beauty of this home. It’s one of those that you tell yourself, “If that ever came on the market I’d buy it in a heartbeat and fix it up.” Whether or not that would really be the case it, it still lends itself to being one of the coolest houses on the block. Curb Appeal the Block if you’re reading – hook it up.


2 thoughts on “The Old Neighborhood 6

  1. This is just about the coolest house I’ve seen in quite a while. I love old brick homes ( I’m an old mason after all) They really don’t build them like this anymore…such is the shame!

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