The Old Neighborhood 4

In this week’s feature of an old house in an old neighborhood I chose a home that is full of character and unique in many ways. First, as you can see it is a color not typically found on your corporate developer’s color wheel. But in this case, the blue does it justice.

The steep pitch to the roof adds interest to the home. The trim around the windows and roof line is strong, well-defined, and the white stands out nicely. Instead of having all the emphasis put on the front as many homes these days do, there are little details of intrigue carried on around the rest of the home.


The home tops out in this neighborhood with a Zestimate of $97,300. Reasonably affordable even for the first-time home buyer, and located within a 10-minute walk to the center of town.

The neighborhood is older and also has a sense of uniqueness about it. The curbs display the name of the streets in blue and white tiles. You definitely don’t see too many towns invest in things like this. It gives this part of town a sense of place and distinguishes it from other nearby neighborhoods. I think they were a special project/donation of a local organization many years ago. Unfortunately, they have not all been well-kept over time and have crumbled off on many curbs, but some remain and should be considered preserved as an asset to the area.


4 thoughts on “The Old Neighborhood 4

  1. Interesting. You may know that in New Orleans, the streets are marked on the corners of sidewalks in the same manner — blue and white square ceramic tiles. My favorite example is on Gen. Pershing St., where you can still see the old “BERLIN” (as it was known prior to American entry into World War I) tile markers embedded in the sidewalks at a number of corners. Although I lived in NOLA for 7 years, I confess I don’t know exactly when those tile markers were laid.

    On another note, if interested, check out my book blog: American Tourism @ Thanks!

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