Invent Help

I’m looking to invent something and need someone to design and fund my idea… I want to create a device that goes on the dashboard of your car that tells how much gas you are using in dollars and cents. If I was smart, not just a smart ass, I would have already done this.

With this gadget, you would be tallying up how much it costs you to drive to a store to get that “hot deal” you think is so hot. So if I think that going to a widget store in some other city, say 15 miles away to get a better deal, this will calculate how much that product would really cost me. This also works the same for more everyday goods and services at less of a distance.

I think this game changer would emphasize that those great deals that you got sucked into, really aren’t anymore great than what is nearby. This may encourage people to shop small businesses more in lieu of the great deals big boxes offer. It may encourage people to drive less and to possibly walk or ride their bikes to obtain these goods.

Simple minded folks like myself don’t really add, subtract, multiply and divide the real costs of driving. All I know that store XYZ has things slightly cheaper that store ABC, but I have to drive further and it is less convenient to go to store XYZ. If my proposed gadget, we’ll call it the Suburban Killer was created tomorrow, I might be a smarter consumer.

Then again, somebody has probably already created this or Apple has an app for it. Not to mention I would be asassinated by retailers and automobile manufacturers. I’m sure Henry Ford might haunt me tonight just for thinking of this.


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