The Old Neighborhood 3

This week’s feature of an older home in an older neigborhood came from a little Saturday trip over to Bloomington-Normal this past weekend. B/N is the home to Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, State Farm, Country Insurance, and BEER NUTS. It was also featured in Richard Florida’s, “The Rise of the Creative Class.”

I noticed this week’s house as a similar style bungalow that I featured last week. I wanted to feature this home as it has its differences, but also signifies that these types of homes are all over. Not to mention that they are located in affordable, creative, and desirable cities. It looks like something that would appear in Pottery Barn, but without the high mortgage payments.


One thought on “The Old Neighborhood 3

  1. That little home is really beautiful with the perfectly manicured lawn. Although they are all over, Their small size and the many variations in color, windows, personal decoration and landscape have quietly distinguished each of them. One thing really important that I learned form school is that we are attached to the classic, and the classics have the ability to last while the trendy become old very easily!

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