The Old Neighborhood – First Edition

It has become easier and easier to become critical of everything I observe. I would like to think that from my point of view I’m being objective. However, if you’re the one constantly critiquing, chances are nobody will be listening after a while.

With that being said, one of the major problems in cities across the U.S. is that newer homebuyers are shying away from older houses in older neighborhoods. Whether someone told them that the neighborhood isn’t safe, the house isn’t updated, or they think newer is better, it has been harder to fill these areas with a stable population.

It’s all too easy to point out the flaws of this, that, and the other thing. However, it’s difficult to find something that is good and use it as an example of what should be done. Instead of saying, “Here’s a dump, fix it”, I plan on highlighting some older homes and older neighborhoods to show the good of what seems to be forgotten.

Not only are older homes and older neighborhoods filled with charm, character, and a certain uniqueness, most are in prime locations. Sprawl has led people further and further away from these places for the reasons listed above and more… but it’s about time we renewed our interest in the core of our cities.

This is the first home I have chosen for The Old Neighborhood segment (Some guys already took the name This Old House…)

There are many things that make this house unique, but the one I find most surprising is that it’s not in an upper-class neighborhood. I can also guarantee that you won’t find this in a new tract-home subdivision, kids!

11th St. Door

The view from the other side offers a look at a cool side access. There is also a window planter box that, here shortly, will make this house even more eye-catching.

11th St. other side

Something that you won’t be able to appreciate unless you are walking or riding your bike past is the awesome ironwork around the lights. There is so much attention to detail it is bound to carry over from generation to generation.

11th St. Light

…I know what you’re thinking: “But Erik, this would probably cost over $200,000!” Although this home isn’t for sale, I found out that the home’s value is under $130,000. It would be well within the price range of many first-time homebuyers. Certainly, it might be on the more expensive side for people wanting to stay under $100,000. But I hope to use this as a starting point to open people’s eyes as to how much better they can do with older homes in older neighborhoods.

Disclaimer: I do not live here, but wouldn’t mind if I did.


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