Bike Rack Party of One…

"Which way to the weight room?"

Since I’m on the topic of it, here is a picture of my bike hanging out by itself at the local FITNESS & RECREATION CENTER. One rack, no love. Again, it reiterates the point I made earlier of the focus of bike riding as a viable means of transportation in our society. I go to the gym not because I love cardio, nor to ride a stationary bike, but to compliment other lifestyle choices.

I know this is repetitive, but it’s only to prove a point. Being part of the younger generation (established 1982), I see, like many others, that we invested in the wrong magic bean. I’ll admit it, sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a cardigan and polyester pants to match my old-fashioned attitude. It’s Illinois, winter’s are cold, very cold, but when the weather permits it only makes sense to get a little warm up before going to the gym.


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